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When a group of summer camp friends reunite for a weekend send-off, the spirit of youth returns and love is in the air.

A truthful, spontaneous, and funny ensemble film that perfectly captures the experience of growing up, and growing apart from those you will always call friends.

Before their childhood friends get married and move across the country, eight Towunga Pines summer campers (and a few disoriented newbies) take over a rental cottage in upstate New York for one last weekend of fun in the sun. Written by the full cast & creative team, and shot entirely in real-time, this romantic character comedy is a true-as-life portrait of friendship that will stay with you long after the gang all says goodbye…

From Sunnyside Films and FilmBuff, the indie comedy THE WEEKEND is available on iTunes, created by and starring an amazing company of actors, produced by Michael Izquierdo and directed by Brian Avers.

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The Last Day of August

One Day Can Change Everything.




Friendships are tested and love reveals itself in this independent drama about breaking down and breaking through.

Dan was paralyzed just over a year ago. Following months of recovery and overwhelmed by life’s new realities, he retreated to a family cabin in upstate New York. On the last day of August, his closest friends arrive unannounced to confront him about his recent reclusive and self-destructive behavior. Wanting to support him, yet skeptical of his psychological health, they attempt the tight-rope walk of loving confrontation in the hopes of convincing Dan to return home.

LIMITED THEATRICAL RELEASE October 4th- 10th, 2013 at QUAD CINEMAS, NYC 4 West 13th Street.

Directed by Craig DiFolco
Written by Sara Rempe & Craig DiFolco
Produced by Arcelus Entertainment & Sunnyside Films

Featuring Michael Izquierdo, Sebastian Arcelus, Heather Lind, Vanessa Ray, and Bill English
with Julie Sharbutt, Lauren Worsham and Rhett Henckel

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ANTIDOTE TRAILER 185 Stereo Mix 090214 from Terror Films on Vimeo.

Antidote Credits


After Premiering at the acclaimed SCREAMFEST in LA,  Antidote partnered with Terror Films and Joe Dain, and is being distributed by Vertical Entertainment.

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