Friendships are tested and love reveals itself in this independent drama about breaking down and breaking through.

Dan was paralyzed just over a year ago. Following months of recovery and overwhelmed by life’s new realities, he retreated to a family cabin in upstate New York. On the last day of August, his closest friends arrive unannounced to confront him about his recent reclusive and self-destructive behavior. Wanting to support him, yet skeptical of his psychological health, they attempt the tight-rope walk of loving confrontation in the hopes of convincing Dan to return home. Premiered October 4th, 2013 at QUAD CINEMAS, NYC 4 West 13th Street.

Directed by Craig DiFolco Written by Sara Rempe & Craig DiFolco Produced by Arcelus Entertainment & Sunnyside Films
Featuring Michael Izquierdo, Sebastian Arcelus, Heather Lind, Vanessa Ray, and Bill English with Julie Sharbutt, Lauren Worsham and Rhett Henckel

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