How to Output a BluRay from Final Cut Pro for 99 cents

March 9, 2014

Sometimes you get to be the star. Sometime you’re the director of the movie you’ve always dreamed of making. And sometimes, you get stuck with the crap jobs. Not that making a BluRay is crap (in fact, it will make your movie look better than ever), but the process is often involved with a lot … Read More

Welcome to FilmHacker: our online film collective

March 8, 2014

Craig told me recently, “When people ask what we do, I won’t really say that I’m a director or writer or producer, I just say we make movies. Even though each step along the way requires different skill sets, I really enjoy every step for different reasons, and though I definitely identify myself as a … Read More

Welcome to Sunnyside Films, a Little About Us

February 13, 2014

Back in 2011 I turned to my pal, the filmmaker/director Craig DiFolco, frequent collaborator with Sunnyside Films and said, “It’s so weird to think that this is what we do for fun.” We had just wrapped an incredibly heart wrenching scene on our feature Last Day of August. We dug down to some really tough … Read More