Craig told me recently, “When people ask what we do, I won’t really say that I’m a director or writer or producer, I just say we make movies. Even though each step along the way requires different skill sets, I really enjoy every step for different reasons, and though I definitely identify myself as a filmmaker, I don’t necessarily identify strongly with one role or the other. I really enjoy the experience of seeing a story through completely, from concept, all the way to exporting the final output.”

He’s really good at summing things up, that Craig. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting on that one, buddy- because in that awesome little soundbite is contained our reason for creating FILMHACKER, our online collective.

Basically, we have picked up skills along this journey to becoming filmmakers that we didn’t necessarily learn in school. Craig learned some pretty crucial stuff in school, and I did too, make no mistake. But we’ve acquired some guerilla techniques to round out our trained talents and now we’re turning around and sharing that knowledge here, with helpful (hopefully) articles that contribute to the “hive-mind” thought process of the filmmaker-movement to produce relatable, commercially-unmediated content that is going to ring true for our audience.

We know this is a viable model because, well…we’re doing it.

The purpose of FILMHACKER is to continue to share that information of how to make Indie-Films in an online collective format. We’ll share what we know, we’ll collect tips and stories from our colleagues, and we want to hear from you, about your experiences in filmmaking – and we’ll include them here, as well. Remember how we started collaborating in that last blog post (THIS ONE)? Well, get ready.  This is serious collaboration, and it starts now.

FILMHACKER is a space for independent filmmakers to come together to help each other- with valuable information, or even with questions or cries for help. (It’s a Circle-of-Trust. You can cry, it’s okay!) A space to share all the random, spread out skills we’ve acquired, that we never knew we would need…we intend it to be a resource and a space for others to share their knowledge, too. Our goal is for FilmHacker to be an idea aggregator for indie filmmakers everywhere to come together and help each other make inspiring art no matter their budget. Essentially, we want to help make everyone into filmmaking ninjas. FilmNinjas. IndieFilmNinjas. IndieNinjas.

or FilmHackers. That seems most suitable.

I hope after we’ve benefitted from knowledge gleaned through our last minute skill searches on google and the shared stories and experiences of fellow collaborators (read: desperate phone calls to anyone who might know anything about what we needed to do), that now we might turn around and provide useful information to someone else up-and-coming, who is writing, producing and acting in their own work.  If you have a thought about something you’d like us to write about, or a pressing question you need answered- this is the place! It would mean so much to us if you would join the conversation in the comments section below and throughout.

Thank you in advance for being a part of FILMHACKER. We look forward to having you guys drop some wisdom on us, and sharing some stuff with you, too.

Doesn’t collaboration feel AWESOME?

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