The Weekend

When a group of summer camp friends reunite for a weekend send-off, the spirit of youth returns and love is in the air.

Our first feature. Entirely improvised by a cast of 12. We love this film and these people so much.

A truthful, spontaneous, and funny ensemble film that perfectly captures the experience of growing up, and growing apart from those you will always call friends.

Before their childhood friends get married and move across the country, eight Towunga Pines summer campers (and a few disoriented newbies) take over a rental cottage in upstate New York for one last weekend of fun in the sun. Written by the full cast & creative team, and shot entirely in real-time, this romantic character comedy is a true-as-life portrait of friendship that will stay with you long after the gang all says goodbye…

From Sunnyside Films and FilmBuff, the indie comedy THE WEEKEND is available on iTunes, created by and starring an amazing company of actors, produced by Michael Izquierdo and directed by Brian Avers.

“With essentially nothing to lose, Avers and company hit a note of playful confidence. The Weekend has a vibe of real-life controlled chaos, the sort that comes when those who have just begun to call themselves “adults” take over a small domain. It’s an enjoyable, though light, glimpse at a social circle years after its forging.”


“Perhaps the most remarkable thing about “The Weekend” is that it manages to portray an unseen past, a chaotic present, and an uncertain future all at once; and despite being everywhere, the movie works. It is warm, hope-filled, and brought nostalgia back in me that I didn’t even realize I still had. I recommend it when with or when thinking about old friends. Perhaps even with the possibility of new ones.”

“The actors have a really good amount of comfort towards each other which makes this really lovable. This movie makes you want to call up your childhood sweetheart and runaway to a cottage with them. When you watch this, you’ll feel happiness, hunger, and an urge to hangout with your friends. Also, the acting in this movie is phenomenal! You really feel for the characters which is what makes this film so effective!”

“You can tell that this movie was done with love from the cast and crew. There are moments of raw emotion and other moments of hilarity. This movie reminded me of so many moments of my past with great friends. If you love movies like the Breakfast Club, The Big Chill and Wet Hot American Summer, you will love this movie. Definitely will recommend The Weekend to my friends.”